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I currently have mutiple computers at my place. Once the computer turned on i want the option of which login for the current computer to use, it can login it current computer or the mutiples computer with their content/data all inside. So more like an computer linked. Example, it can only to A or B, A is the current computer data, while B have all the data of the different computer monitor datas, and if i login B it will show that current computer info. And same goes to the B computer, i can login to A or B on the B computer. What makes this very good is that, both the computer logins are sort of connected, for example if im on actual computer A, but logined to computer B and downloaded/changed some files/data on the B login, once i login on computer B to login B, the changes will apply even tho the changes are done in computer A.
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  1. I'm not sure I understand what you want. On the one hand, it sounds like you're looking for some sort of remote desktop solution. But on the other, in your final comments, you refer to changes on A will be reflected on B.

    So if I had to make an educated guess, the closest I can come is perhaps you just need a means to synchronize data. Why not something like Dropbox? Every machine maintains its own copy of the data. And Dropbox keeps that data sync'd across all of them, no matter where or when it's changed. Simple.
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