Ghost 2003 on windows 7 64 bit

i just cloned a c: partition to an image on d:
the 62150 mb was saved with high compression and shows only 58126 mb copied. the pagefile.sys as well as the hiberfil.sys areeach a little more than 6000 mb. is there something not copied?
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  1. That's hard to tell considering you used compression. It's been a long time since I used ghost. If ghost has a verify function, have it verify the image.

    Also, if you used high compression, going from 62150 mb to 58126 mb doesn't sound like it really compressed too much.
  2. I wouldn't use Ghost 2003 on Win7-64.
  3. Windows 7 added a "back-up" program, located in the control panel. This does an excellet job of imaging the "C" drive. One advantage is that you can just grab ANY windows 7 Installation disk to retore the image. After the image is completed it prompts you to make a Bootable restore DVD which I just skip.
    Have used several times and has worked great, AND it is FREE.
  4. According to this, you need ghost version 12 or higher for 32 bit win 7 and version 15 or higher for 64 bit windows.
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