How to telecast live video

i want to view live surgery video operating in theater to anywhere i should be in real time full hd and with voice...i want to display it live in a conference hall....note i want to it to play LIVE! real time in other city.
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    You can also setup a conference using any number of internet conference providers.
  2. There are several streaming sites you can use. The major streaming sites you could use are like ustream, livestream,,, or own3d; however and own3d are usually used for streaming video games. These sites will allow you to stream a webcam in full HD, as well as voice. If you want to stream multiple webcam views, other programs (maybe a VoIP program like Skype) you will need to set up a program called XSplit. XSplit may actually be a better alternative for you, because it will help you set up the settings for the streaming sites.
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