Asrock z77 pro4 issues download speed


I am getting extremely slow download speeds on my newly built desktop. Tried updating drivers and replacing ethernet cords. No luck.
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  1. Is this cable? dsl? fios? Are you using a router, or are you connected directly to a modem? If using a router, have you tried connecting directly to the modem? Do other computers continue to work normally? Have you changed anything else as well, say the router?
  2. I'm having the same issue with my new (still sitting on MB box for start of build) Extreem4 MB.

    RoadRunner Cable. 10 meg down account.

    I'm on a 10 meg down connection and get 11 to 11.5 with same cable on another computer.

    Unplugged the cable and plunged it into my laptop sitting right next to the MB and get the above download speeds. Plug it back into the MB and goes back down to .82 to 1 down and .02 up.

    Anyone find a resolve for this?

  3. Did you ever find a solution to this issue?
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