Connect 2 routers with wifi?

Greetings to all,

I am about to cry after having trying to connect a Cisco 2425 and Asus RT-N56U without success for 6 hours.

The Asus router is the wan router connecting to the internet and all works fine.
Thing is that I have a desktop computer on the second floor which I connected to a Cisco epc2425 with an ethernet cable.

Now how the h*ll do I connect the cisco with the asus router via WIFI so that the desktop computer can access internet?

The Cisco Router has a wifi bridging feature and I have set the asus MAC address as the remote bridge.

The Asus uses lan ip of >
and I have set the cisco to use >

What else do I have to do to make it work?
Please help
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  1. I assume you're referring to WDS bridging, as defined on pg. 90 of the manual.

    The chances of this working are slim to none. The problem is, WDS is NOT a wifi-certified protocol, so implementations vary, and thus incompatibilities are all too common. About the only way you can be assured it will work is when using like devices, or just happen to know they have the same implementation (e.g., two dd-wrt routers). Otherwise, it's highly unlikely to work. Or it will work only intermittently, or work for a while and seem ok, only to fail mysteriously later.

    That’s what makes WDS so frustrating to work with, and why the industry has move to “universal bridging”, which uses wifi-certified standards (B/G/N).

    Unfortunately, manufacturers don't tell you any of this because it's both too complex to explain, and frankly, no one wants to admit they're using non-standard protocols! So they keep quiet and hope you're either using only their equipment throughout your organization, or happen to be very lucky when you mix manufacturers.

    So no, they don’t particularly care if you wasted 6 hours on a futile effort. :(
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