Local area connection disables wireless on HP laptop

I just got a new HP EliteBook 8560w(Win7) but when I connect an Ethernet cable, the wireless becomes disabled.
With my older Dell machines(WinXP) I could use both [DHCP for wireless and 192.168.1.x on the copper/Ethernet].
Is there a way to prevent the wireless from being disabled?
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  1. You can only use both network connections at the same time if they use DIFFERENT networks. For example, if the wireless network is using 192.168.1.x, then the other network would have to be something else, say 192.168.2.x, or 10.0.0.x. Otherwise it's ambiguous. When referencing any IP address, which network should be used? Since it doesn't know, it picks one and ignores the other. And thus it appears as if the other network connection is disabled.
  2. EIBgrad,
    Yeah, you would think that non-conflicting networks would work, but as it turns out, the bios in the HP has a LAN/WAN switch setting. Another friend ran into the same problem. In fact, I've seen other forums that describe this problem without the correct resolution.
    Solution: With the HP EliteBooks, the default bios password is "L0ck3db10s". Once in, it's just a matter of unchecking the "LAN/WAN Switching" box.
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