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Hey guys,

I need your help/advise...

I was told by my ISP tech guy that each of my router ports top a max of 12mb, now I'm wondering if it's possible to use two cables on different ports and connect them both to my motherboard and take advantage of the total of 24mb instead of the 12mb I getting...

If it's possible, can some one explain how?

I'v got a dual ethernet motherboard (Maximus IV Extreme-Z) and my modem/router is a Huawei HG850 router.

My connection is 100mb fiber optics.
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  1. No. Your are stil limited by your ISP's bandwidth cap. Also, your computer, router and switch would need to support ganging.
  2. What does the ISP mean by "each of my router ports top a max of 12mb"? Is he suggesting you actually have *two* independent ISP connections, each w/ 12Mbps? I just find it an odd way for the ISP to describe the router. Your ISP usually offers some fixed cap, say 12Mbps, and that's distributed across the entire router (i.e., the switch and wireless AP). You don't get 12Mbps per port!
  3. If the tech meant that your router's WAN port max speed is 12Mb/s and your are paying for more bandwidth, then you need a new router.
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