Is The Santa Cruz The Same As The SonicFury?

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  1. Basically.

    The sonic fury is only sold in Europe, and doesn't come with all the nifty extras that the Santa does. It's the same processor and same memory.

    There's only one set of drivers.
  2. What are the nifty extras? Software? Or am I going to miss out on some cool bit of hardware if I buy a SonicFury? Can you by the Santa Cruz in Europe???
  3. I don't think you can buy the Santa Cruz in Europe, but I truely know not. I only know that you can't buy the Sonic Fury in the States.

    Yes, the only difference is software. I don't think you get the spdif connector dongle with the SF, so you'll have to buy that seperate (~$7.50 value).
  4. Buying it OEM anyway so no software for me ;) Nabbing all the software off my brother ;)
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