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Hello everyone,

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Our small business just moved into a new building and I am in charge of setting up the network infrastructure. I am not new to computers or networking but I have never had to deal with this set up before. So I will try and explain our current set up, what we need and hopefully someone much more educated on the subject can help me.

Our current set up
We have a cable modem from comcast that has the Coax cable connected to it.
The modem has 4 ports on it. The ports are connected to a built in 24 port switch that was already in the building. The switch has it's ports connected to outlets in the walls. Currently we have 4 computers on our network and since the cable modem had 4 ports it worked fine.

What we need
We will have another person join our office so I will need to activate one additional port on the switch that already exists. However, since all 4 ports on the modem are already taken, I have no way to add an additional port.

They also want us to get wifi in the building.

How I think I have to solve the problem (most likely wrong)
I have to get another switch (like 8 port) and connect the cable modem to the switch using a cross over cable (if there is no designated internet port). Since I have the modem connected to the switch, I will have to move the 3 remaining connections to the switch.

Then I connect the 4 remaining ports on the switch to the existing 24-port switch that is already there.

I will use one of the outlets in the building to connect an AP for Wi-Fi for better signal.
Currently the modem and switches are hidden in a closet away from the office space and would mess up the signal.

Am I looking at this the right way or am I missing something?

Please help me!

Thank you so much!
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  1. Or another option I am looking at is getting an 8 port router. Plug the modem to the router and use the 8 ports to connect to the existing switch.

    If the wifi signal isn't strong enough I'll get a range extender and use in the building.

    Would this work?
  2. Let's clarify something first. Is this really only a modem? Or is it possibly a modem+router (two components in a single device)?

    I’m asking because most modems only have a single LAN port. And unless you have a business account, the ISP only allows a single, dynamic, public IP over that LAN port. You then need a router (to which you connect its WAN port to the modem) to support more than one user. Sometimes the cable provider gives you only a modem (you must bring the router yourself), or sometimes provides both, usually in the form of a single device (modem+router).

    Which brings me full circle; is this perhaps a modem+router, or is it ONLY a modem?

    If you’re not sure, then provide some make & model details and we’ll check it out.
  3. Your simplest solution would be to get an 8 port switch, and a wireless router. set up a seperate wireless network that still connects though the switch.
  4. If both your router and switch suport gigabit speeds, then a crossover cable is not needed. Auto MDI-X is built into the gigabit specs.
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