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Hi, I just installed ATI DV Wonder, which installed fine
Then I tried to connect my DV Cam (Canon Optus100) to my computer. The problem is that windows XP can not detect my DV Cam. Once the unit is turned on I get a message saying "AV/C Subunit detected". But when I try to install the drivers(I think it is the Microsoft DV Drivers) windows XP says "there are no drivers to install and the device is not installed"

I tried to install the DirectX Video Capture drivers but it says that XP already has it. I tried many other ways but no luck. Is there a solution to all this?
thanks guys
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  1. Have you gone to the Canon website to see if this is an already known problem they may have a downloadable patch for, I had a similar problem with Polaroid and got a patch from their site to fix the problem.
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