Link 3 different places. 2 DSL Connections

Hi folks, Im just wondering how to link 3 different places where 2 of them have internet DSL connections.

Actually Im running this layout...

Place 1:
DSL Modem connected to "Router 1" with DHCP Enabled. and static IP assigned for every element in the network.
"Router 1" got this:
2 computers
1 printer
1 Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 antenna to link "Place 2"
2 Computers

Place 2:
"Router 2" DHCP Disabled.
1 Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 antenna to link "Place 1"
2 Computers.

At this point everything is working fine. Computers in "Place 1" can see computers in "Place 2" over network and share files and printers. Plus "Place 2" have internet from "Place 1".

The question is... I want now to link "Place 2" to a "Place 3" using the same Nanostation M5 antennas and I can do it the same way I did Place1-Place2, BUT, what about "Place 3" router? it is connected to a DSL modem. "Router 3" should be DHCP Disabled too? What about the internet connection? I would like "Place 2" in the middle would be able to take the internet connection from both Place 1 - Place 3. It can be done keeping computers sharing files and folders between all 3 places??
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  1. The problem here is that if you connect "Place 3" to "Place 2" the same way you connected "Place 2" to "Place 1", then you've simply extended the network by "Place 3". And now you have two ISPs on a single logical network (192.168.1.x). But that makes no sense. Typically you want one ISP accessible by all the clients of a single network.

    If you maintain the two ISP connections (and by extension, their routers), you’ll have a problem w/ DHCP since you’ll have TWO of them (rarely a good idea). You’ll have to disable DHCP for at least one of them (perhaps both) and manually assign gateways. OTOH, if you want all those clients to take advantage of both ISPs, then most ppl would use a multi-WAN router, and thus one gateway, one network, etc.

    Frankly, the bigger problem I’m having is understanding your intentions. You describe all the “plumbing”, but I have no idea what all this is meant to achieve. It’s the objectives/goals that drive the design, but we’re working backwards; a lot of design decisions w/ no clear objectives/goals (you may have something in mind, but it’s not coming across in your description).
  2. @eibgrad thanks for your response, actually place 1 and place 2 are two of my offices, place 3 is home. Since I live in Venezuela and the internet services here mostly sucks (not even talk about electricity) I would like to be able to get it from place 1 or 3 if one of them fails. In Place 2 is really a problem to get DSL so I link it wirelessly to get it from 1 as said before.

    The big picture, in a short future is to put IP Cameras in Place 1 and Place 2 so I can watch them even being at home.

    May be I need to replot my layout or my configuration on routers / computers, thats what I need help for.
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