Can i put windows on regular harddrive and my game on ssd

I want to know if i should just load win7 and just my game on a new ssd or have my game only on the ssd and boot from regular hdd. I want the ssd for playing my game only and nothing else, what would be the best way to set up a new ssd for my game only?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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  1. Hello stujon122;

    What size SSD?
    You probably want Win7 and your most frequently used, or most important apps on the SSD.
  2. ^ Concur.
    Must remember ONLY reads and writes are speeded up by a SSD, they do not make programs run any faster, ie for games your FPS will NOT improve - Only the time to load the game and periodically when a new "map" is loaded. So Yes you can buy a SMALL SSD and just put the game on it.

    Most do as WR2 stated "..Win7 and your most frequently used, or most important apps on the SSD."
    This provides very fast Boot time and program load times, for programs on the SSD. And Here it Does NOT improve download speed, nor How "fast" the program runs after it is loaded into memory. Extreme example - Microsoft office will load in less than 1 sec but How fast it runs is limited by your Typing speed!.
  3. yes

    there is a program called steammover

    atm ive split hdd into system,programs/games and data

    originally i only had 2 partitions data and system

    i used a program called steammover to move a load of program files and games because it makes backup files smaller and easier to backup

    this works the same as having 3 different hdd's
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