Window 7 says you need permission to copy a file from pc to laptop

I'm trying to copy a music file from my laptop to my pc and i get this message " you need permission to preform this action". How do i give my permission? seems kinda sill not to be able to copy files from one to the other. they are network together. Thanks
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  1. You can change the Permissions from the Sharing Settings of the folder under Advanced Sharing. Add "Everyone" to the permissions list, but you may want to remove that later.
    Otherwise try it from the other computer.
  2. without know how you are networked i can tell you that you need to let the target computer know that the laptop connected to it has permission to write files it's hard drive.
    right click on the My Music folder and select "sharing" then advance sharing to set permissions of allowing the laptop to copy music files to it..
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