I've decided not to get an Alienware.....

I've read quite a bit of horror stories from the THG forums and from resellerratings.com and it seems that this "dream" company is nothing more than a plethora of runabouts and headaches. Having never dealt with them, I cannot say that with confidence, but when you're throwing around 3000 dollars, it's a chance you don't wanna take.

I'm serious considering hypersonic, being that their same system is 300 dollars cheaper than Alienware (500 cheaper than falcon, 1400 (!!!) than Vooodoo). Hypersonic's reviews at reselleratings have been very good.

Before all the "elitists" tell me to make my own computer, I've made my last two computers from scratch. I've got a very busy schedule with college and work, so I am not going to have time to make it from scratch.


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  1. Did you check Ibuypower.com ?
    I find their fully configured comp prices to be around $700 - $1200 less than all those companys you just named.
    Bought a comp from them today (hasn't been delivered yet of course)

    oh thats on a AMD 2100+ don't know about the Intel prices
  2. I've heard about them, but I've also heard "iffy" reviews about them at ResellerRatings.Com.

    Please inform us when you get your new comp from them, and what you think of it.

    My hypersonic PC including monitor is 3300 (intel p-4, 1GB RDRAM, Klipsch 4.1, FE950+, DVD,PLextor, etc) and the Ibuypower version is 3050, not a HUGE difference.

    <font color=blue> There's no such thing as hell, but you can make it if you try.</font color=blue>
  3. How you all doin. First let me thank all you guys for helping me configure my AMD computer. I'm not a computor wiz like some of you all around here, but I can tell you I just got a nice computor from NEXGENMICRO.COM. They let you configure the computor yourself and make changes if it hasn't shipped yet, without a gripe. I myself changed things on the computer 4 times (thanks to the advise I got here) before it shipped. I spoke to a guy named Bill, real nice and personably, and they are not in a hurry to get you off the phone until you are satisfied. Pretty good prices too.
  4. Alienware is a gype! I configured a system exactly to the T of an alienware box. My setup was about 1000$ cheaper, and had the exact same hardware under the hood as the Alienware box!

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  5. What do you all think of www.monarchcomputer.com? They sell parts, but you can tell them to assemble the parts and test them for you for about 40 bucks. I got a very decent setup that could rival the PC's you mentioned for about $1740

    Here's the setup:
    Lian Li PC-60 Case
    AXP 1800+
    DDR333 512mb
    2 IBM Deskstar 60 gigs (RAID 0)
    Asus A7V333 Onboard sound to save some dough (tight budget otherwise I would've spent the extra 95 for Audigy for total of 1830 or soemthing)
    Gainward TI4600 Gold Pack
    yada yada yada

    I already have a 20" Trinitron Monitor and 2.1 speaker sys. No need spending money on those. About half the price of the systems you guys have mentioned.

    What's this?...ERROR ERROR ERROR...*CRASH & BURN*
  6. In my mind, the two things a person is really paying for when they go to alienware, voodoo, and falcon northwest are a) style up the wazoo (for those not confident in their own case modding abilities) and b) surety in the quality of construction (for those not confident in their own abilities to build the computer themselves.) Sure, you're paying out the nose for it, but for some people it's worth it. I personally would never pay that much for a computer that didn't do my dishes and sing to me, but I'm a poor college student. If I had money to burn, I'd buy a voodoo in a heartbeat. Why? Because I will NEVER mod a case that beautifully, AND, the price doesn't matter too much if I'll have the computer built for me and in my hands 4 days after ordering it with all the parts I'd have used if I were building it myself. (I just visited their site, and I'm actually building the same computer as their top of the line dual AMD model down to the motherboard and everything, but for 3 thousand less.) But that's if I were rich. Unfortunately for me, I'll probably never be in that position.
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