New HDD causing trouble!!! Pls Help Me!!! Pls

Im using a Compaq 1900XL-164 Laptop which I bought 2 years ago, this is the specs:
P3 500E Mhz
8MB ATI Rage Mobility
10GB Fujitsu Hdd (the original was 12GB)

OK, here's the question that bugged me for months... a year ago, the original Fujitsu 12GB hdd died after my warranty period, so i have to get a new replacement for it. I bought a 10GB Fujitsu from a retail shop to replace since there's no 12GB.

It was fine for the 1st month when i started using it, after that the BIOS can't detect the hdd anymore, so i thought the hdd died, so i went back for warranty claim, get a 2nd one, the same problem started again... i'm really annoyed by the problem n can't seem to figure it out what's the problem here.. is it that this laptop on accepts 12GB hdd?

I know that the max hdd capacity for this BIOS is 12GB but i'm just using 10GB...

Pls help me! i really need solutions. x(
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  1. It's been 2 days now... still no reply.. can some1 pls help me out here?
  2. I would suggest that you check the connector to the drive or you might have a problem with the IDE interface itself. Another possibility is that the drive might or might not have to be jumpered. You also might want to consider next time going with the IBM or Toshiba, I find their quality on mobile drives to be higher than that of Fujitsu.
  3. My drive was not jumpered originally... however u did mention abt the IDE interface... what do u mean by that? with the original drive that is not a problem, which is 12GB from Compaq. But with this 10GB hdd which i bought separately, problems keep coming in.. is it becoz of the capacity doesn't match the original that create this problem?
  4. Did your bios recognize the new hard drive? Also there are options in bios to change the setting of the har drive to LBA, large, and auto. I would leave it on auto.

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  5. Fujitsu's are know to be problematic. One thing you can try is to the right of the pins there are 4 pins. Put a jumper on the bottom 2 pins that helps them detect. Also you might have a bad ide cable. If the hdd its self is bad you may be able to send it to fujitsu to get it rma'ed. Other than that I would pickup a toshiba drive. Ibm's are good but if i remeber hitachi just bought ibm's hdd division so that is not good.

    Hope that helps!
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