Obama has gone blind.

My comment: Iran was reported Tuesday to be building intermediate missile bases in Venezuela. This could force Obama to choose between protecting the United States and winning the Latino vote. If Americans had any equity left in their houses they'd borrow it to build a bomb shelter.
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    My Comment: Be afraid, Be very afraid.
  2. That would take years, IF they had a bomb to launch.

    No worries, 12/20/12 will be here long before then.

    Not to mention the US would invade Venezuela long before any such missiles would be operational and Chavez knows that. Sure it's possible they could get a couple hidden missiles in the air, and they MIGHT hit their targets, IF they aren't shot down, but then Venezuala/Iran would cease to exist after that.

    He's not blind, WERE blind. The Government knows things we couldn't even imagine, and they have to plan accordingly. Even if it means planning for the end.
  3. Gents, I would hardly consider any of this as credible. Lots of assumptions and innuendo in this blog article. Sounds like yet another conspiracy theorist to me.

    Regardless, should such a threat ever be established that presented a credible threat to the US, I would imagine it would become a smoking hole in the ground quickly due to some sort of "accident" at the site itself. Funny how that happens from time to time.

    I don't think we need to run for cover yet.....
  4. If the articles/blogs all site the same source, then I would question their credibility. For some reason I can't access the links from my current location. Will have to look at this later this evening.
  5. Die Welt means The World. Not exactly the bastions of fair and impartial reporting as I recall, but not terrible either. Funny how this hasn't been picked up by any US sources, even Fox (who would love this sort of thing) to my knowledge.

    What I would really like to see as part of the discussion is corroborating articles from completely independent sources.
  6. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    I looked, and all sources point back to the original German article.

    However, I don't find the premise unbelievable. The agreement in 2010 between Chavez and Ackmanutjob to jointly develop short-medium range missiles is well documented.

    Agreeing to work together is different than actually doing it. An agreement like this is often far more symbolic than practical.

    Still, if this threat (perceived or otherwise) has any merit, then I would assume more robust measures are underway to ascertain the appropriate response to protect our national interests.

  7. I have left over armadillo hats gents ...

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  8. Reynod said:
    I have left over armadillo hats gents ...

    /senses a business opportunity ...

    I like the hats! Would make a great symbol for the business opportunity suggested..... Just think of the possibilities......
  9. Do you use a cell phone a lot?

    We are possibly moving into EMF shielding for the testicular region ... using a similar product ...
  10. Reynod said:
    Do you use a cell phone a lot?

    We are possibly moving into EMF shielding for the testicular region ... using a similar product ...

    I recommend a tight copper mesh, similar to what is used for EMI shielding be woven into the next gen "tighty whities" to prevent the condition know as "nut rad".
  11. badge said:
    This could force Obama to choose between protecting the United States and winning the Latino vote.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind what his choice would be.
  12. Obama promised the Latino's immigration reform in '08. Suka's. Obama is beneath the American people.
  13. In my mind, there isnt truly a Latino vote per se
    Latinos are much more individualistic and not sheeple, much like whites, tho obviously tend towards other desires as well
    Obama got much of the white vote, but he can also lose much of the Latino vote as well, its not as tho hes guaranteed 92%
    If he damages enough of our countries structure, then more and more people will clamor for government handouts, as Ive seen in Californica, like no other state Ive lived in, tho I have seen similar things on the east coast.
    I think hes been programmed as to what others responses will be to his agenda, and has pat answers at the ready, while truly not knowing nor caring about differences
  14. Stereotype city here guys ... sheesh ... sheeple even !!
  15. The fact is Obama in seducing their vote promised Latino voters He would reform immigration laws . The fact is He lied. Just another example of his poor judgement and lack of rectitude puke. This has nothing to do with stereotyping. I checked with the 26 thousand Latino TV stations in Los Angeles. They laughed at the idea.
  16. Using his poor judgement and lack of rectitude He managed to accompolish all of these promises.
  17. Well since you employ a heap of them I guess you must know ...
  18. The fact is Obama secured the latino vote by making false promises regarding immigration reform. If you think I am prejudice think again. Obama speech in Texas a couple of weeks ago was disgraceful and demonstrates his poor judgement and lack of rectitude. I will add this whole Idea of throwing Israel under the bus and siding with the Islamic extremist who would ultimately run a palestinian state? This idea is going to backfire on Obama. His poor judgement and lack of rectitude is going to be his downfall. November 2012 buddy. By the way. I hate everybody, not just Latinos. Call me dirty.
  19. badge we might need to recall the prototype hat your wearing as I think your experiencing a Faraday cage effect.

    When you ask your right hand to move does the left twitch a little?

    Mine does ...

    We might need to do a product recall on this model ... I'll see if the other paranoid psychotics who are still alive are ok.

    OMG ??
  20. 20,000 More Border Patrol Agents

    Fast-forward to today, and many of the benchmarks these members of Congress set in 2007 have been met. For example, the Border Patrol has increased its forces to more than 20,000 officers, and DHS has built more than 600 miles of border fencing. Both of these milestones demonstrate that we have gotten Congress’ message.

    Hmmm, 20,000? More? up to? Looks like an Obama-nation
  21. Obamacare is closer to being repealed than ever.

    I wear 7 1/2, maybe 7 3/4 as I age. I have giant brains that keep growing as I get older. Hey, we can have beer and talk about the Bulls and maybe get some work done on throwing Israel under the bus. (Takes the pair of socks off reynod sent calling them a hat and wonders how blind a man can be when barely into 40's.)
  22. Who built the fence?

    But no matter what the controversial barrier being constructed between Mexico and the U.S. is called, the $1.6 billion, 670-mile-long first phase is close to completion as President Barack Obama enters office.

    Read more:,8599,1872650,00.html#ixzz1N0FB5fkp
    He takes credit in one sense, by appearing to build it, but also looks to those who forbids it, or
  23. Obama won nearly two-thirds of the Hispanic vote in 2008 by courting them with promises of "comprehensive immigration reform." Once he became president, many Latinos figured he'd move on the issue right away, given that the Democrats controlled the White House and both Houses of Congress with huge majorities. That never happened. Immigration was moved to the backburner, behind economic "stimuli" and ObamaCare. As a result of that and the poor economy which has resulted in astronomical unemployment rates among Hispanics, Obama's job approval among that group has slipped to the low to mid 50's. He has some repair work to do, which is why he went to Texas to give a totally political speech that lacked any kind of legislative seriousness. As he stood in the shadow of a giant Mexican flag, Obama mocked Republicans and others who want to see the border secured before we have any further discussion on immigration: "Maybe they'll want a moat....with alligators," he sneered. Actually, that's not a bad idea. The point is that Obama knows any new stab at immigration reform isn't going anywhere before 2012. But he also knows that he cannot win re-election without the big support of Latinos, so he went to Texas this week to pander to them in the most transparent way. We'll see if they fall for his line of BS again.

    -Gen. Santa Ana
  24. Well you had the GFC smash into his plans ... I can well imagine what a Republican President would have done instead.

    ... sorry ... no ... I can't imagine what a republican president would have done because imagination isn't something they can spell let alone understand.

    Concrete operational thinkers ...
  25. Obama's plans? Bwhahahahahahahah. Obama is an incompetent boob, an inept, unread, uncurious doofus. He is beneath the American people.
  26. Any Republican canditate is thousands of times more compotent than Obama at moving the nation in a positive direction and fixing existing problems.
  27. Then, vote for the guy!!!!!!!

    He certainly has a no worries approach ;)
  28. Vote for Pedro. Heheh.
  29. I bet Oberman et al had a huge tingle up their legs watching this
  30. In a little over a year He'll have the opportunity to show all of his creativity as He steps quietly without a whimper into his next career.

    Pop Quiz.

    Who said this Suge Knight or Obama?

    "If we're asking community colleges to sacrifice, fewer services in their 'hoods, then we can ask millionaires and billionaires to make a little sacrifice."

    My comment: He's a shameless punk. No wonder he keeps arranging speeches in front of the non-taxpaying kids.
  31. A nice break from Obama-nation
    Look maw, no government controls, mandates, taxes, oversight, rules, regulations, needs, IRS, taxes, bureaucracy,programs,grants, services, oh and did I mention taxes?
    I truly believe Obama doesnt believe this is possible, at least until theres a multi-million dollar study to prove it actually happened, all by itself, and only a poor shmuck with a lil chutzpah did it, with no government helps at all
  32. Thats so his friends will get first dibs

    ATF allows guns into Mexico to pad stats

    For well over a year, the mainstream media has embraced the statistic that between 80-90% of guns in Mexico were sold in America and smuggled across the border, and that number necessitates the need for more restrictions on gun sales. But ATF officials were knowingly allowing firearms sold in the United States to be taken across the border into Mexico to pad these statistics under “Project Gunwalker.”

    Now, when the media speaks, as the seeds are planted to them, surely reality must follow, cept they got busted-this time
  33. "We are working closely with our Korean allies and the U.S. Army in exploring alternative options to dispose of these firearms."

    From your link, or, in other words, we must pay top dollar to dispose of them
    Also from your link:
    Asked why the M1s pose a threat, the State Department spokesman referred questions to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ATF representatives said they would look into the question Monday afternoon, but on Wednesday they referred questions to the Justice Department. DOJ spokesman Dean Boyd referred questions back to the State Department.

    Now theres our representitives in action
  34. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    A nice break from Obama-nation
    Look maw, no government controls, mandates, taxes, oversight, rules, regulations, needs, IRS, taxes, bureaucracy,programs,grants, services, oh and did I mention taxes?
    I truly believe Obama doesnt believe this is possible, at least until theres a multi-million dollar study to prove it actually happened, all by itself, and only a poor shmuck with a lil chutzpah did it, with no government helps at all

    You mean you're mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore. The punk is running wild on the street.
  35. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    Then, vote for the guy!!!!!!!
    He certainly has a no worries approach ;)

    The role's already been taken
  36. JackNaylorPE said:

    Well, arent all liberals alike?
    I mean, they all look the same to me

    "I don't like this new Obama who hunts Muslim extremists. I like the old Obama who WAS a Muslim extremist." –Stephen Colbert

    We all know how Obama loves to be outta Washington, and he looooves Chicago, well....
    "President Obama is slated to appear on one of Oprah's last shows. He's hoping it's the one on which she gives away 14 trillion dollars." –Conan O'Brien
  37. This thread is worse than the freakin' RAPTURE! Grow up!
  38. cobra5000 said:
    This thread is worse than the freakin' RAPTURE! Grow up!

    Head for the nearest bridge to better days Sylvester.
  39. For a president who can not control the borders of his own nation, how dare his impotency to tell Israel how to manage theirs. This thread has revealed President Punk is an incompetent boob, an inept, unread, uncurious doofus who is beneath the American people. It's the Punk who needs to do stop acting like the Punk He is.

    President Punk
  40. OMG my eyes went all watery ... can you deal with this?

    I feel ill ...

  41. President Puke? He brings tears to my eyes every time He opens his mouth.
  42. [/#2a00ff] <---- wrong blue

    Reynod said:
    I have left over armadillo hats gents ...

    /senses a business opportunity ...

    How's your liability insurance ?

    Are your hats guaranteed 100% leprosy-free? :D

    As far as the bat-sheet crazy idea of Iranian missiles in Chavez-Land, that's a free ticket for Obama to attack any such site in Venezuela under the Monroe Doctrine (surprising, last invoked by Reagan and his CIA Director, Robert Gates, in some Central America hanky-panky they had going on)

    Iran and Venezuela are the butt-buddies of the lunatic fringe in the oil market. El Loco Presidente Chávez does an end run around UN sanctions to supply gas to Ahmadinejad. I doubt even Hugo is crazy enough to accept local missile bases in return.
  43. Quote:
    President Obama could be impeached for violating U.S. Constitution and law by going into Libya without congressional consent. Kucinich said that he doesn't want to impeach Obama because it's a "destabilizing factor" for the country, but he points out that the Constitution is on his side in an impeachment process because he wants to point out how "grave" the matter is.

    My comment:

    Obama's big selling point in 2008, apart from that flimsy notion of "change," was that he would be the anti-Bush. He would do the exact opposite of everything Bush did, because everthing Bush did was oh-so-wrong. Obama suggested two things: 1. He was so much smarter than Bush that he'd NEVER make the same mistakes, and 2. He'd watched Bush's presidency and actually LEARNED from those mistakes. Enough people bought that particular line of BS that Obama won and the rest is, shall we say, bad history.

    With regard to Obama's order for US military intervention in the Libyan "kinetic military action," let's see how much he has learned from Bush's so-called "mistakes" in Iraq:

    Bush was attacked for the following:

    1. Invoking the doctrine of pre-emptive war, when Saddam Hussein had not directly attacked us.

    Obama and Libya: Obama claims we are intervening to prevent a major slaughter...BEFORE it actually happened and while Muammar Qaddafi had not attacked us.

    2. That Bush "rushed to war," despite the fact that he had spent months engaged in diplomatic negotiation.

    Obama and Libya: Three weeks of hemming and hawing, then wham, bam, thank you, ma'am, we're engaged in a shooting war in Libya.

    3. That Bush went ahead in Iraq despite Colin Powell's warning: "you break it, you own it."

    Obama and Libya: He broke it, he owns it.

    4. That Bush didn't consult enough with Congress, despite months of endless consultations and debates there.

    Obama and Libya: Obama not only didn't consult with Congress, he sprung his decision on Congressional leaders before the first military action began. There was no invitation to discussion. Obama told them of his decision, and then invited them to leave. He continues to blow off Congress.

    5. That Bush was led around by Dick Cheney.

    Obama and Libya: He's being led around by Hillary Clinton.

    6. That Bush's military action in Iraq unleashed unforeseen and uncontrollable terrorist forces.

    Obama and Libya: Obama's military action has unleashed unforeseen and uncontrollable terrorist forces.

    7. That Bush went to war in the wrong place. He should have gone after the big enemy, Iran, instead of Iraq.

    Obama and Libya: He went to war in the wrong place. He should be focused on the need for possible intervention in places far more strategically important: Iran, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Jordan.

    8. That Bush had no exit strategy, despite the fact that announcing one tips the advantage to the enemy.

    Obama and Libya: He announced multiple and contradictory exit strategies, including turning the mission over to NATO, no use of ground troops, and being for Qaddafi's exit before he was against it.

    9. That Bush opened a big can of worms by cracking open Iraq.

    Obama and Libya: Obama's actions have opened an even bigger can of worms across the Middle East: the Muslim Brotherhood is running the show in Egypt and elsewhere, and al Qaeda is poised to gain a new base of operations in Libya.

    10. That Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" prematurely.

    Obama and Libya: Last night, he declared that the mission was being turned over to NATO forthwith, and the US's main work here is done. Oh, really?

    The comparisons are almost....eerie. Especially for a president who is so obsessed with being the anti-Bush that he contorts himself into policy pretzels, has marginalized himself and his presidency, and has severely damaged American power and credibility.

    I thought Obama was supposed to be so smart. I thought he was supposed to be so much smarter than Bush. I thought Obama was supposed to have learned from Bush's so-called "mistakes"....the same "mistakes" that he pounded Bush for for nearly eight years.

    And yet....Obama seems to be repeating them. That must mean that Bush was right. Or Obama's rubbish elitist foreign policy is wrong.

    Normally I would switch the channel as soon as Kucinich's face appears, but considering He lost his mind years ago therapy is working for him and I am glad to see He is doing well.
  44. Like other presidents before him, Obama contends he does not need to comply with the War Powers Act for a limited operation and therefore did not have to get congressional approval within 60 days of sending the U.S. military into Libya.

    However, on Saturday -- 61 days after the start of U.S. operations in Libya -- Obama sent a letter to congressional leadership saying that he supports a measure being drafted by a bipartisan group of senators approving of the military effort in Libya.

    From your link
    This is just sloppy and arrogant, or another "Im cooler than you moment" brought to US by Obama-nation
    Why couldnt he have acted sooner? Is he trying to prove something? What a punk
  45. It doesn't take a Ph.D. to realize President Punk can not control the borders of his own nation. How dare the Punk to tell Israel how to manage theirs. President Punk is beneath the American people.
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