Backing up Mac to PC?

I run a computer repair facility that mainly works with PC's. for my PC's that come in, I offer to do a full image backup (using ghost) before any work is performed incase they have any important data. typically I'll remove the hard drive form the Pc and hook it up to my bench computer with an SATA to USb adaptor (or IDE to USB for older systems) and perfrom a ghost backup.

I'd like to be able to offer my Mac customers the same service but the problem is MANY macs come in without easy to remove hard drive (Gotta love apple...) so removing the hard drive to do this type of backup isn't feasable. is there any easy way to backup a mac to a PC over teh network or some other method?

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  1. Get Carbon Copy and use it to backup to disk images, as described in this FAQ.
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