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Looking for a compression recommendation for email

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March 4, 2002 11:01:46 AM

My family and I are Americans living in the UK. I would like to send video clips of my kids to their grandparents in the States. It seems that everything I read addresses DV or VCD and creating high quality video. I'm just interested in simple capture and being able to create decent clips that won't take days for me to post to web storage. Ideally, I would like to send 5 minute clips that can be viewed full-screen at 800*600.

My system specs are:
AMD 1800 XP
Asus A7V266-e
768MB PC2100 RAM
Matrox Mavel G450 e-TV

I have Adobe Premiere 6.0 and Ulead Studio SE.

Four questions:

1. Is there a different program I should use?
2. What type of compression or file format should I use, and how do I use it if it isn't offered within my software package?
3. What type of file size can I expect for a 5 minute clip with Sound?
4. Will the grandparents need any special software to play the clips?

Unfortunately, I only have access to dial up access. However, I can let the upload run at night to my Web storage. Both grandparents have cable access.

Thanks for your input,


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March 4, 2002 4:18:44 PM

The best compression to se is probably DviX but it will require from them to install the leatest version of windows media player and DviX codecs.

If you want to spir them this hassel then encode using High quality Mpg1. (Not VCD settings)
They will be able to maximise the picture to full screen, and view it even on a P120 Mhz

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March 4, 2002 10:57:49 PM


Thank you for feedback. Please forgive the naiveté, but how do I go about using DivX encoding? Is there a plug-in for Premier or Ulead, or do I need a different or additional package for this type of compression? What is the realistic file size for a five-minute clip?

Thanks again for your help,


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March 5, 2002 2:30:32 AM

No matter which codec you decide to use you don't want to use 800 by 600 because at that screen size you will be using more pixels then the original source and would just be wasting space. Never use a higher resolution then your source. 533 by 400 or even 400 by 300 should do the job just fine. Most players should have no problems blowing up a 400 by 300 video to full screen.

Divx at 533 by 400 in very good quality would take up about 30 MB. If this is too big then a lower quality or a lower resolution would be required. If you want to use mpeg1 get help from scubdude. If you want to check out divx go to <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A> and <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A> or drop me a line.

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March 5, 2002 7:40:11 AM

Since you are at PAL land I suggest to convert the video to 352X288 - like done with Mpg1.
This will automaticaly Deinterlace your video material and still give very good quality.

The DviX codec is a set of codecs you will have to download and install.
After installing you will have it as one of the Exporting options in Premier.
Your parents will also have to install it to be able to watch the video on the computer.

BTW, Adobe has released Premier 6.02. I got very nice results using it....

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March 5, 2002 10:19:50 AM


Thanks again. The export from Premiere is what I was hoping for. I'm upgrading to 6.02 as I type.

Yes, I'm in the land of PAL, but I discovered very early that shopping on an island is very expensive. I buy as much as I can in the States and bring it over with me. Subsequently, my video is NTSC, and my TV and VCR have worldwide platform capabilities. Is your recommendation still the same?


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March 5, 2002 11:04:12 PM


1. go to and get the leatest DviX 5 codec. It's free.
2. Go to It's special forums for people who need to work with video in the UK - Home Prosumer level. not the high professional.
You will probably find that ther are anoght ways to get every thing cheep on "Misty Island" as well. (I don't live there but with little connections....)

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