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Basically this issue started a week ago. While im playing games like battefield 3 left 4 dead 2 or minecraft i get rubberbanding lag which is basically my game character running foward then being shot back to his original postion. I originally was using a wireless usb adapter so i blamed it for the cause of the lag. (My pings were fine btw) I went to ethernet for a week and the lag went away so everything is fine via ethernet. I just bought a new wireless card but there is still this terrible lag! Im wondering why this would happen is it my router? or possibly the modem? i really dont know and am honestly very confused. :(
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  1. Wireless will never be as reliable as a wired connection, never. Anything that has to use the airwaves is subject to obstacles and interference. Even the weather can affect your wireless connections. And it doesn't take much to have that affect your response times (pings). It's just inherently part of how wireless works. It's the trade-off you have to accept for the convenience. Of course, the farther away you are from the wireless radio, and the more others w/ their own wireless routers surround you, the more chances for these problems. If running ethernet wiring is not practical, then perhaps consider powerline or MoCA (ethernet over coax) instead. MoCA in particular is quite reliable and pretty fast, approaching that of ethernet wire.
  2. Well i did some ping tests and found out for wireless every about 5th ping returns at 1000ms and ethernet is stable so im wondering whats the cause of this. This difference in pings is on all wireless computers in my house btw
  3. While 1000ms seems excessive, it might just be your wireless router broadcasting its SSID. It has to do this on regular intervals. You might try temporarily disabling those broadcasts just to confirm one way or the other.
  4. Okay so disable the SSID?
  5. Btw thanks for taking the time to try and help me
  6. Also can this be caused by my modem failing or possibly the router? The modem is fairly old while the router is new
  7. JustAGamerX said:
    Okay so disable the SSID?

    Not disable the SSID, just stop the wireless router from broadcasting its SSID. Disabling the SSID would make the wireless router inaccessible over wireless. We just want to temporarily stop it from “announcing” the availability of the SSID. You will still be able to access it over wireless, it’s just that now you may need to manually provide the SSID in the network setup’s profile. It won’t be listed automatically anymore.

    Most routers will have that option, perhaps a checkbox that says "disable/stop SSID broadcasts". It will always be checked (ON) by default.
  8. JustAGamerX said:
    Also can this be caused by my modem failing or possibly the router? The modem is fairly old while the router is new

    Anything's possible once a piece of hardware begins to fail. But in this case, if you're seeing spikes of 1000ms in response times at regular intervals, that doesn't sound like a hardware failure, or something that's about to fail. Far more likely it's something like the SSID broadcasts and which is why I asked you to disable them so we can see if the problem goes away. But it could be some other problem too. We just don't know for sure at this point.
  9. disabling it solved nothing sorry
  10. UPDATE
    Got a new modem through comcast problem is still not fixed so i believe it is the router that is causing the issue itself
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