Multiple monitors media pc networking setup

Multiple monitors media pc networking setup help!?
HI there, my question concerns Hardware and software setups, let's get to it!

So I'm building a house... in the living room there will be one server-like computer. This computer will also work with a NAS. So there will plenty of storage to place pictures and movies etc etc.

Every room in the house will have a coax cable and CAT6. What I want is for fast file access to the server all computers in all rooms can use the CAT6 cable. That isn't the issue, because i will use network dives and mapping.

We're planning on putting a TV in every room, so we want to perfect our media setup. But how can i make it, that the server will be able to stream different movies to different TV'S at the same time? The TV'S can get the video feed via coax? Or should I pull one more cable to all the rooms?

Wire setup image:

So how can i have it that the media can be accessed at the same time? I can duplicate the monitors, but is it possible to have the server/computer play 2 or more different movies to different TV'S at once?

So please help me with software and the hardware setup... Thanks!
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  1. If you use a small HTPC at each TV location running Corel WinDVD 11 (or PowerDVD 12), they can all access the NAS simultaneously without any issues.

    I have such a setup with gigabit Ethernet (CAT5e) and a large networked BluRay movie server (8 3Tb Hitachi Deskstar 7200 rpm drives in RAID 6 off an Adaptec 6805 controller with the whole logical drive shared).

    Some new TVs allow direct access to a remote PC video feed if you use their proprietary software (Samsung Allshare in my case), but I found that far too limiting and it may no longer be supported in a few years.
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