EMI Problems in Cases with Acrylic Windows?

In David Stellmack's excellent article: "How To Select The Right Case For Your Computer":


I came to the same conclusion he did, that the Directron/Super Flower - 201S was the best case evaluated in his article.

I am going to be building my own system soon and have decided upon a similar case - a Black Directron SF-201T Aluminum Tower Case ($176.00):


My only concern is whether these cases can meet FCC-B EMI standards with the three large acrylic windows. Aluminum is a good electrical conductor and therefore should provide an adequate EMI shield. But plastic is an
insulator and is consequently liable to leak EM radiation.

My 19" Trinitron monitor would be less than 6 inches from one of these acrylic windows. I sure don't want my screen to be filled with interference!

Has anyone performed any formal EMI testing with these cases? If not - I believe that would make a great topic for another article.

Thanks for any help from,

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  1. I am trying to figure out a good fair way to measure this, but we have not yet developed a good testing method. It will happen, I have it on my to do list.


  2. Easy, FM radio can be tuned to 100MHz. Just set the system bus at 100MHz and set a radio next to it!

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  3. So, does that mean that the windows on cases can affect the picture quality?
  4. Could, but because of the high frequency and low magnitude, not likely. More likely to screw up radio reception.

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