Wireless signal showing, but no internet connection

I recently moved and changed computers, but ive been trying to setup my Linksys WRT150N. I had one cable coming from the modem and into the port on the router labeled "internet" and then another cable coming from one of the router's ethernet ports, going into the PC.

I opened a browser and typed in into the address bar and got to the setup page. When I search for wifi using either my laptop or my droid, it shows that there is an excellent signal and will connect to it, but when I try to perform a task that would require internet, it says that there is no internet access.

What am I doing wrong?
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  1. factory reset the wifi router.
    make sure all your computer have the latest service packs for windows.

  2. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    If those cables are the originals that worked before, each may be different from the other so try swapping them around. Sometimes the uplink cable from the MODEM is a different category.

    Also, in your PC, go to Control Panel>Internet Options>Connection tab>LAN button and tick "Automatically detect settings", click Apply and OK your way out.

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