Windows 7 upgrade edition?

From a previous question I asked, I have decided to purchase this laptop:

However, the laptop comes with an option to come without any sort of operating system. Because I have a student status, I qualify for this offer by microsoft:

The software is labeled as an upgrade, but the computer I would have would not have an operating system on it.

What I am wondering is whether I can install this version onto a blank computer, and if so, how to (this would be my first time installing an OS onto a computer).
Also, if there are better deals out there I would be fine with you mentioning that.
Thanks for your time!
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  1. ^+1 What he said. It does work! And Windows 7 Professional is good.

    If the laptop supports it, get the 64-bit version. Being an i5 2450, I'm sure it does. You'll need 64-bit to support over 3GB of RAM.

    I'd even opt for the 120GB Intel 520 SSD option for +$140.00, AND the 500GB Hard drive for +$95.00 more, but that's up to your budget. Use the SSD for OS/Programs, and the 500GB for Data/Media/Storage.
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