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I have an nVidia nForce 420 MoBo with nVidia's APU; Dolby Digital 5.1. I have been unable to get it to work with my new Klipsch 5.1 speakers.

I have tried plugging the output from the MoBo (lime green) into the 'F' input on the subwoofer/power amp, the output from the separate CNR (I think its a riser card...) labeled 'R' and colored black into the rear input on the sub, and the light blue output on the CNR labeled 'C/W' (?? Center/Woofer??) into the center/subwoofer input on the sub.

I get front speaker only.

If I switch the cables, I can easily get sound through the rear or center/sub (in other words, the path from the input of the sub through the respective speakers seems OK).

I have tried all sorts of software adjustment, including going into the BIOS and enabling/disabling sequentially the onboard sound, the MCP Lan, and the SPDIF. BTW, there is also an RCA adapter/output on the riser/CNR card...

I have tried going into the Sound Control Panel and the nVidia APU control panel and adjusted the speaker type to Dolby Surround 5.1, then tried every other setting just for kicks. No luck. Just front speakers.

MicronPC was unable to tell me even how to connect the cables. They tried, but weren't able to find any software setting that would solve it.

I downloaded and installed the latest driver upgrade from nVidia. No go.

I do note one interesting thing: the speaker volume adjustment shows only a slider for the left speaker.

Any ideas??

Thank you in advance,
Scott W.

MicronPC Millenia XP
Windows XP Home
512 MB RAM
1900+ AMD chip on nVidia nForce 420 MoBo
100 GB HD
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  1. I have the nForce board as well (MSI varity) and after getting my audio CNR card I was able to get my 5.1 (7.1 in my case:) to work fine!

    First update to the lastest drivers then make sure you have the audio cables pluged in correctly.
    The way to do it is under the NV Audio Panel, Output tab, you must set Analog Output to "Stereo" and Digital Output to "Dolby-Digital". Next under the speaker tab you must select 5.1 Speakers.

    Let me know if that works for you!
  2. Thank you for the response.

    I have set up everything exactly as you mentioned, without luck.

    I must ask you, what did you mean, "after getting my audio CNR card?" Doesn't the CNR card come with the motherboard, attached to it via a small cable?

    Could this be a problem with either the card or the cable?

    Thank you
  3. I bought the motherboard when it first came out and the CNR and the video AGP or whatever the other one was were not available. I had to get mine later but its all the same if yours came with it.

    First off lets make sure you actually have it as they don't always put these two cards with the mobo still ;\

    The card goes into the last slot on the mobo (AGP being first) it is smaller than the PCI's and I believe dark brown. The CNR card has three outputs, center/sub (yellow), rear/surround (black), and the other is SPIFD (not sure on the letters) for digital or optical or something like that (I don't use this one).

    My setup is with analog speakers, if your using digital the settings might not work for you that worked for me.
  4. The CNR card is as you described, with a black output labeled 'R' (presumably rear), and a light blue output labeled 'C/W' (presumably center/woofer). It also has the RCA output for SPDIF.

    I have the outputs correctly connected to my Klipsch 5.1 woofer/power amp, which has no digital direct input.

    Still, no go.

    MicronPC will be sending me a new CNR card, so I can try to swap them and eliminate any hardware issue (although I am kinda hoping this is really the problem!)
  5. Hmm, sounds like everything is the same as mine. Are you using a six channel test of some sort?

    Also one more thing that effects it is in the multimedia control panel or sounds and audio devices in the control panel (whatever you call it), the advanced speaker settings should be 5.1 but the speaker tab on NV audio panel is suppose to change that.

    That's about all the help/advice I can give you, sorry.

    Try checking the mobo manufacturer's forums for help.
  6. Do you know where to get a good six-channel test source?

    Thank you
  7. I just emailed you the one I've been using.
  8. Alright...the six-channel test file works fine. But I can't get a game to give anything but fronts (NFS3). Do I need to play with any settings?

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