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Windows 7 x64 - No wakey from sleepy

I love you let's get tested for AIDS.

No, in all seriousness, bought a GA-X79-UD5 motherboard, RAM etc. Installed Windows 7 x64. Sleep function worked fine. It went to sleep and woke up as it should.

I installed all all the Microsoft packages first, from disk, and then activated Windoze Update. That was the last time my PC woke up from sleep. It would just powercycle in around 5 second intervals, or 0.2Hz, until you give it the one finger salute (reset) or switch off the PSU.

What I did notice was that there are now 100 options under the power setting, none of which are working.

Anyone has any hints? Everything is new, memory is fresh, SSD is still crisp, graphics card a green spring leaf. It is definitely a Windows problem, just not sure what.

Kindest regards

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    I can't tell you why that is happening but what I can tell you with some certainty is that It's best not to sleep your PC with an SSD installed. I lost two SSDs after my laptop went to sleep, so I wouln't risk it.
  2. sandforces were notorious for sleep problems, not sure if they still are, my crucial M4 appears to be fine.
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  4. Thank you for the replies. I stopped trying to get it to work. Now using hibernate, which is working fine.

    Thanks y'all.
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