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My campground has a wi-fi antenna about 150 yards from my cabin. I wish to install a router with a higain antenna to access the internet from my cabin. If this is possible, could you tell me the type of equipment I'll need to purchase.
Many thanks, John
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  1. rom what i understand about networking this can be a hard task. your better off ordering a repeater that accepts sma antennas. there are some models out there that use 2 antennas. ive used these paired with high gains antennas to transmit from one side of a church to another. the best bet is to have a yagi antenna and an omni directional antenna. the yagi will help recive the signal and the omni will help spread i. depending on the repaeter som have a transmit antenna and a receive antenna youd want to put the yagi on the receive side of the repeater and the omni on the transmit side. just switch them between connectors to find out which is which. you also want to make sure if you order a yagi antenna that is has the shortest cable possible. the longet the cable the weaker the signal. this method will also work with some duel antenna wireless usb adapters
  2. you can find all the equipment you need on ebay btw
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