PC suddenly switches off when there is LAN activity...?

Hi all...

I had this weird experience which I really do not have an idea of fixing...

First of all I thought it was a computer virus problem, CPU overheating problem, PSU problem, Windows setup problem, Driver conflict then eventually I stumbled towards 1 definitive sign/symptom, my PC switches off suddenly (sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes immediately) upon LAN activity, what I mean about LAN activity is when I tried connecting to the router menu my PC suddenly switches off; when I access my PC shared folders and files via LAN my PC suddenly switches off after a few seconds to a few minutes...

Things done so far to try fix the problem:

1. Tried putting another LAN cards on the PCI slot to no avail since it presents the same problem. (FAIL)

2. Formatted and clean install Windows XP with the basic motherboard driver (latest drivers) and no other applications whatsoever (FAIL: PC switches off on LAN activity)

3. Formatted and clean install Windows XP using alternative motherboard drivers (CD that comes with the motherboard) and no other application (FAIL: PC switches off on LAN activity)

4. CPU is properly ventilated and does reach 50 degrees celcius during operation. So definitely its not CPU overheating.

5. Maybe not a computer virus since this happens even after freshly formatted system.

6. I already replaced the PSU of system, although its a generic PSU but it works just fine. I'm just a running to low-power system, videocard is just integrated motherboard video.

7. Tried using another router problem still persisted (FAIL)

Everything else in the PC works fine as long as I don't go LAN...

Any ideas how I can fix this LAN issue? I'm suspecting maybe my motherboard is grounded or something but really don't know for sure... :(

My system specification:

AMD AthlonX2 4600+ (Socket 939)
Foxconn Winfast 6150K8MA-8EKRS Motherboard
Twinmos 512MBx2 DDR1
Generic 500w PSU

OS: Windows XP SP3, install nVidia drivers...

Thanks much for reading...
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  1. did you disable the onboard LAN in the BIOS when you tested with the PCI LAN
  2. Emerald said:
    did you disable the onboard LAN in the BIOS when you tested with the PCI LAN

    Hi thanks for the reply...

    Tried doing that but it yield the same results...
  3. First thought was Router, second thought was Motherboard.
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