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Hey guys,
I'm living in shared accommodation, but the provided internet is kinda restrictive, so some friends of mine are thinking of buying our own internet connection and sharing it amongst ourselves. The issue comes with getting it to my room. We could possibly get a powerful wireless router to carry it to my room, but there's also the wired network that our computers are on which we also use for PPPOE with the current internet. Would it be possible to somehow share the internet over the wired network while blocking access to those we don't want to share with? Thanks!
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  1. Before you go down this road, what kind of restrictions are we talking about here? Bandwidth? Content? Both?

    Because let's say the restrictions are not bandwidth limits, but content restrictions. In that case, you might simply be able to use a VPN to get past those restrictions, and that would be a LOT cheaper in most cases than establishing your own ISP connection.
  2. Bandwidth restrictions is the issue.
  3. Once you have your own wireless router and ISP, you can share it at will, w/ wired or wireless clients. So I'm not sure exactly what concerns you have. Like any wireless router, you can (and should) use wireless security (WPA/WPA2) to keep unauthorized users out.
  4. I know that I can use wireless, but I was more interested in if I could use the existing wired network, but without sharing the internet to EVERYONE ELSE on the network.
  5. Sorry, you're losing me. I thought you didn't want to use the existing wired network because of bandwidth limits? Or are these bandwidth limits only related to wireless users?

    I know it may all make sense to you, but we have very little information here about all these devices, and how they’re setup and related. We're sort of looking through the keyhole, and forced to make a lot of assumptions, perhaps wrong ones.

    So I'm getting confused as to how the existing network and your proposed changes are related. I simply don't get how use of the existing wired network is related to your getting and using your own ISP, and presumably your own wireless router.
  6. Okay, here's a bit more information. The current internet comes via a PPPOE connection (there's a server that has the internet connected to it which it shares out), which you can get via a wired connection from a jack in the wall or from the wireless network. In either case, you're connecting to the resident's network and getting internet access from that.

    Since our computers are already on a network together, I was wondering if it would be possible to share internet like we can share files. Since I'm quite far away from the other computers I want to do this private internet thing with, a solution using the existing wired network would be be ideal, but we need to prevent accidentally sharing the internet with everyone else who's on the network.
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