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I'm trying to sync my Sony mp3 player to my music folder on my w7 laptop. I have downloaded a couple of different sync software (freefilesync & dsynchronize), however, neither of these are able to recognize the sony walkman as a destination folder as it is not assigned its own drive letter under the windows file system (it appears only as 'Walkman' in My Computer). What can I do either assign the walkman its own drive letter, or to enable the syncing software to recognize the sony walkman device as a valid destination folder.

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W7 Ultimate 32bit
Sony NWZ-S638F
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  1. The issue is solved. You need to get the MTP device to show up as mass storage with a drive letter in Windows. Simply go to the device in Device Manager, and change the driver to a USB Storage Driver. Manually point to the usbstor.sys driver, and voila, you have full access to the media, AND a drive letter.
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