Setting up wireless bridge

I'm trying to set up my desktop using windows xp and a tl-wr541g v7 router to an existing wireless network from a mac using a tl-wr941n router.

I tried using this guide I followed it and set up all the settings the same but it just ends up cutting everyone off connected to the wifi

I know both these routers support bridging and they're from the same company but I don't know how to set them up.
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  1. nhasian said:

    I'm not sure this will solve my problem and im not really sure if wireless bridging will either I'm tremendously confused perhaps it would be easier if I just explained what I'm trying to do and see if it's even possible.

    I just want to set up my desktop using a router to act as a receiver and connect to the wifi from the other computer going wired isn't really an option.
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