Internet is slower than it should be.

i have centurylink internet and were paying for 8 Mb. on our family computer downstairs, using the speed test from centruylink, were getting about 7.5 Mb. that's about right. BUT on my $2000 gaming rig, i'm getting 1.5 to 2 Mb and i have no idea why.

the internet goes to a router and then to the devices (2 computers, xbox360) i tried unplugging my cat 5e cable and putting in all the different slots on the router and still would get the same speed. the cable is only 35 foot, could that be why my internet is slow? i could really use some help because i dont know how to fix this.

Edit: okay i plugged the cable that goes to my computer into my laptop and got 7.5Mb. that means my computer is the issue. how do i fix this? i have all the windows updates and everything. only thing i can think of that i didnt update was the BIOS.
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    see if disabling IPv6 on you network card will make a difference.

    also try setting the network speed of the nic manually instate of using auto.

    which OS are you using?
  2. Emerald said:
    see if disabling IPv6 on you network card will make a difference.

    also try setting the network speed of the nic manually instate of using auto.

    which OS are you using?

    wow how in the world... i changed the speed of the nic from 100Mb full duplex to 10 Mb full duplex and now my speed is right. i dont know how that would chage anything but it worked. possibly its because it reset the connection. but thanks Emerald! and its windows 7 pro in case you were still curious.
  3. most of the time it is the Auto- tuning setting in Vista and Windows7 that create this problem. Here is how you turn it off

    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
  4. okay i have this weird crap going on. every time i restart my computer, my speed goes back down to about 2 Mb. i can temporarily fix it by changing the speed up or down which resets the connection and it looks all right but it then says i'm not connected to home network or internet after a minute or two. i let windows run a diagnostic which connects me to the home network but not the internet and tells me to check the router.i press cancel and i run the diagnostic again which connects me to the internet but with problems. it says that "local area connection does not have a valid ip configeration(this is my home network)" and "the default gateway is not available"
    at this point, my internet works but i play games with friends thus i have hamachi. my hamachi does not work... tells me there is some sort of error with the VPN status. i can fix this by going and stopping the hamachi tunneling service and starting it again and reloading hamachi.
    at this point, everything is working. but my computer is a monster and is very fast and i want it to work right. this whole process must be done everytime i reboot which is a big pain in the butt. how do i fix it so that i don't have to do all this crap???
  5. sorry for the message spams but i believe it is fixed. all i had to do was disable ipv6 lol no idea why that was doing that. but thanks!
  6. crap guys i thought this was solved but its not. anyway to unsolve this? well it was good for a bit but i realized that some pages were loading awfully slow. checked speed and it was about 2. the fixing process only requires resetting the network by changing the speed now and thats all. any idea how to fix this?
  7. now i cant fix the speed. i can change it and it gets full speed for about five minutes then no connection and i cant fix it without a restart.
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