How to install windows on external hard drive

how can i install win7 or win xp on external hard drive for cary it with me and use it when i need it as another operating system in usb port in any computer
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  1. 1. Can your computer boot from an external drive? If can, it's just like instaling on a second partition.
    But I would not recomend it. Computers you will be using it on also have to be able to boot from usb and you will allways have driver issues!
  2. Windows is not designed to be installed on an external drive, if you try, it will fail.
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  4. Easy!

    It creates a Windows PE CD and has a program UBUSB that creates a bootable USB drive with the PE software.

    It already has many antiviris, malware, partition, and security plugins already configured.

  5. the problem with ubcd4win is its so old and relies on XP. Some newer laptops dont even have xp drivers and ive been unable to see drive because of this.

    That being said I still carry a flash drive with it, and while windows can be installed on an external esata drive, or USB with some hacking, it would be illegal to move it around to different machines, would have constant driver problems, and would constantly be trying to reactivate and get the key locked out very quickly. So not worth it. use ubcd4win or a Linux live CD.
  6. why don't you create a virtual machine with virtualbox or vmware?
    That way it's always compatible. Just graphics capability could be an issue. But only if you're going to play games.
    I used to do this for work.
  7. I found how to boot windows 7 on a external hard drive by using a program called PWBoot.

    Again, the name is PWBoot.

    It took me ages to find a program like this.

    All you have to do is install windows Vista or windows 7 by connecting the drive on ata or ide. Then after the installation is over, you boot into windows and install the program PWBoot. From that moment on, your hard drive will be able to boot from a USB. Sweet uh?
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