My wireless router stops working when my neighbor uses his internet?

We use our internet to watch Netflix. We have had no problems until recently, I called the satellite Internet company(which is a local co.) they told me my router was going out. I bought a new one, problem solved! Right?!? WRONG :( my husband told me my neighbor just got Internet and has been playing Xbox everyday which coincidently is between the 5:30pm to 10ish pm we have been having issues with our router. What can we do to fix this? Do I have to buy a bigger router? He is not stealing off mine because it is password protected that was changed when new router was setup and programmed. I have been running of a Cisco Linksys E2500 advanced dual band n router. The router is in the same room as the TV accessing it, which we previously had no issue connecting anywhere in the house or garage.
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  1. He's probably using the same radio channel as you, which can cause enough interference to disrupt your network connections. You can go into your router configuration pages and change your radio channel. To find out if that is the issue for sure is pretty easy, just download and run this free application:

    It will show you all wireless radio signals within range of your router, including the channel used and strength of the signal.
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