Help with finding HyDis panel LCD's

I've read through Tom's display guide, and decided that I really want the Hercules Prophetview 920 DVi, it's perfect for games and movies (for one person), which is what I really care about.

However, to my utter dismay and horror, I discovered that the Hercules monitors aren't available in Australia! I spent half an hour phoning all the computer stores I know in Victoria, and all told me that either they didn't import new things, or they couldn't import Hercules products.

So, what I'm looking for is an LCD screen that has minimal ghosting on games and movies, has real 16.7 million colours (preferably), meaning it has a 20ms response time (100fps). I don't really care about its viewing angle.

So that all points to a HyDis monitor... But what other HyDis monitors are out there?

I've searched through most of the LCD companies, and none commented on the panel type. I think I read somewhere that a Hyundai was a HyDis, but I'm not sure... Are there any other HyDis'? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Hi,

    All TFT monitors you see with 20ms of response time are Hydis panel. I know the Hyundai Q17, Hercules 920Pro, Acer 1731 and any 17" Sharp LCD.
  2. I have the Q17 and it took me forever to find it in the US...and I am certain its in AUS. I highly recomend it, Gaming is fantastic on it.

    "It's a common conceit in games: play, die, reload, and ride the karmic wheel of kick-ass, until you get it right"
  3. OK, I'll check those monitors out. So joramo, does that mean that all HyDis monitors have a 20ms response times and all monitors with a 20ms response time use the HyDis panel? Does that mean the VG700B (black) Viewsonic monitor also uses the Hydis panel, right? Fenris, could you tell me what the dead pixel warranty is for the Hyundai? I couldn't find it on their site...

    I've just got a few questions about LCD's and games. Firstly, with games, ie Vice City, is the max resolution 1280x1024x32, or is that because the screen's max res is that much? ie, if you had a screen with a max res of 1600x1200, would many games run at that res (with a good VGA card of course)? And with your face half a metre away from the screen, would you notice any difference when playing games at those 2 different resolutions?

    Also, about the poor interpolation of most LCD's. With a 17" viewable monitor, I wouldn't dream of using anything lower on my own free will. Unless my VGA card wouldn't be good enough. If I get an FX5700 Ultra, then in 1.5 years time, would it likely to be able to display the new games at 1280x1024 without too much lag?

    Oh, just remebered, about the HyDis panels... The colouring is good enough for me, but do all HyDis panel monitors have similar/or identical colour curves? Also, would using the profile provided for the Q17 give the best colour on any other HyDis panel?

    Finally, is there any reason why the Q17 is so much cheaper than the monitors in the new tests? Even though it's supposed to be better... Does it use an older HyDis panel or something? And how do I tell if they are selling me one with DVi and one without? Because, in the catalogue of one company (whose prices are usually cheaper), it says 'Hyundai Q17 Dual Colour $635', whereas another company has 2 types and says 'Hyundai Q17 $669, Hyundai Q17A $649'. Which one(s) have DVi? According to Tom, the Q17A is only analogue, but what about the others?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Alright, I'm going to the store tomorrow to have a look at the Q17 and the ViewSonic VG700B.

    But before I do that, I need some help deciding which one. Both are around the mid $600's, so pricing isn't a factor.

    Firstly, I just need to confirm that if the VG700B has a 20ms response time, it is definitely a HyDis. Secondly, would the profiles provided in Tom's guides make other HyDis' work at peak colour, or just the Q17?

    The VG700B one has slightly better contrast, brightness and viewing angle than the Q17. However, it's not height, etc... adjustable, and doesn't have a USB port. However, the main thing I'm tossing up between is whether the Q17 (white) would look good next to a black and silver tower, mouse and keyboard.

    There is only one other concern I have with LCD's. And that's the interpolation. Although I would not use any resolution lower than 1280x1024, would it look bad if I did something like zoomed a picture to 110% or something?

    So, if you guys could help me out with those questions before I visit the store tomorrow, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I was reading through some of the old threads, and according to you guys, the Hercules is around the same price as the Q17. Weird. You know the ViewSonic one in THG? Priced $1 more than the Hercs is currently over $1000 in Australia. Yet, the Q17 is $610. Very very weird.

    Anyway, this is really bugging me. I can't find the dead pixel warranty for the Q17 anywhere. Anyone who has one know?

    Finally, if the ad says Q17, or Q17 dual colour, does that mean it's a silver case like the Q17S, or a white one?

    EDIT2: Sorry, I forgot something. You know how the HyDis has 24 bit colour? But when you go to settings, it has 32 bit colour... Even on my Dad's laptop from work. Do they use different systems or does that laptop screen have 32 bit colour?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Yangster on 12/21/03 04:01 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  5. That's just the video card settings, the screen doesn't display all the colors.
  6. I just purchased a Sharp LL-T17D4 from Newegg for 438 shipped. this monitor appears to have the same specs as the Hercules 920 pro DVI - so I am assuming it has the same panel.
  7. Me too, after reading this thread, I bought one from and received it today. Just checked the price on and it is now $430.00 including shipping!!! $8.00 less in 7 days!

    Check my post here about my own review:
  8. Yankster wrote: "However, to my utter dismay and horror, I discovered that the Hercules monitors aren't available in Australia! I spent half an hour phoning all the computer stores I know in Victoria, and all told me that either they didn't import new things, or they couldn't import Hercules products."

    Hercules are readily available and have been for the past year. Several Harvey Normans stores stock them and even use them for their demo games machines. I just had a quick look on a local store I use, and they also have them at $825 or $1010 depending on whether you want the DVI version or not. (

    You may have just been unlucky with the stores you called, but they are available if you want one!
  9. The LL-17D4 is awesome. Just got mine last night and it is fantastic. Price at newegg is now 470 shipped vs the 438 shipped I paid last week.
  10. Having a Prophetview 920 Pro DVI, I can honestly say its not perfect for games nor movies.

    Yes, it is better than most of the other LCD monitors I've seen or used when it comes to games & movies, but not anywhere near the quality of a CRT.

    As for colour, its good enough that I don't notice really any difference (other than the huge increase in brightness. The dimmest I can get this monitor is still brighter than the brightest I can get my CRT monitor).

    But then again, I use my PC mostly for games, so colour (or the lack thereof) doesn't really bother me too much. If you really want to get accurate colour, go with an EIZO FlexScan, but instead of a 20 ms response time, expect 35 or above.

    As for interpolation, it still has a long way to go, but is much better than previous lcd monitors I've used. And although ghosting is minimal, it still exists.

    Then again, if you're a hardcore gamer, you're probably playing on a CRT. But overall, they are a decent value.
  11. I am glad I bought my Sharp LL-T17D4-B for $438 before the end of Dec from, although it was down to $430.00 a few days ago but just happy that I made the right decision at the right time.

    Nytegard: I have the same experience like yours with my Sharp LL-T17D4-B. I believe they are using the same panel inside.

    I just ordered DVI-D cable, I am going to find out if that helps in improving picture quality.

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