I am planning on buying a new Router for my wireless setup (for house) - NetGear WGR614 .
does anyone know about its aesthetics ?cons and pros ?

and yes can i choose any wireless adapter (PCI) for desktop on this router ?

and i have a 2 mbps it sufficient ?

I have iPod touch and Zune HD as well .but i will run only one device at a time .

AND my most important quest, What are 802.11b or n or anything .......... ?

what things should i take in care for my whole setup ?

As i said i have iPOD touch 4th gen and Zune HD , how do they connect ? 802.11b ? and is it same for wireless adapter that i m going to buy ?
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  1. you can choose any wireless adapter for your desktop. 2 Mbps will work but its slooooow. Now 20 Mbps is much better. you should get 802.11n
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