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I have a simple server running on port 80 (or 591) on my PC. I'm trying to access it via the internet with my ISP IP. My router is a DSL/Router. I've tried to forward the port(s) to this PCs IP (192.168.0.x) through the modem/router setup. I've basically tried everything possible except I think I'm missing something. I obviously can connect to the server through the LAN IP address (192.168.0.x) without problems.

I know some ISPs block port 80 for incomming but tried other ports with no avail.

Windows 7
ActionTec PK5000
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  1. Are you testing this from actually OUTSIDE your firewall (wifi hotspot, 3G, etc.), or while still INSIDE your firewall? Because if it's the latter, that's called NAT loopback, and most routers block such requests.
  2. I've tested it inside and outside via the IP. After posting I thought of the NAT loopback. I tried disabling NAT ( to see if it would even work) on my modem/router and the result is the net doesn't work. Is there an efficient way around this?
  3. Efficient way around what? You mean something other than port forwarding?
  4. You did try to connect to your router's WAN IP address and not your LAN IP address, right? Sorry, had to ask.
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