How do i connect a dir-301 to an existing wireless network

I have a DIR-301 router connected to a Virgin cable modem. It provides the Internet to the PC and wirelessly to other devices (like my iPhone, my wife's Android phone and my iBook) with no problems.

I recently bought a Sony TV that has an ethernet port on the back. The Sony wireless dongle they offer (UWA-BR100) is stupidly expensive, so I thought I'd try a wired connection via an access point.

I bought another DIR-301 from eBay, as it was advertised as an access point which I thought would give the TV an Internet connetion.

I've tried everything I can think of and have been advised, but I can't get a connection via the TV. It's really frustrating.

Can anyone help me, please? If I wasn't bald already, I'd have pulled all my hair out by now. My email address is if you'd prefer to email me with any suggestions.

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  1. it is a access point but you need a repeater/extender which can wirelessly connect to your main router.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Emerald.

    Any suggestions where I can get a repeater/extender?

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