Getting Cable modem do I need a NIC with the IT7?

Is a NIC needed with the Abit IT7

First off. Many THANKS to all the posters. I have no experience with hardware. I used to test software and have been out of work for awhile. I've used this community to put together my list.

I live in Mass. and will be getting AT&T broadband cable modem. Right now I use 56.6 phone modem which S@#$!

With the setup below I need to purchase or lease the cable modem. Will I also need a network card? I don't think so but I read somewhere that I might on the google groups.

Thanks for help,

P4 1.8A Northwood
Abit IT7
Samsung DDR PC2700 512K
WD Special Edition Cavier 80G
Matrox 450 (I just surf and do Photoshop)
still undecided on the case (any suggestions always welcome)
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  1. My cable modem have an USB port so there is no need for the NIC but the cable company install the cable modem for me installed a NIC into my computer for free.
  2. The IT7 board has an built-in NIC card so you won't need to purchase an additional card, just use the one built-in.

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  3. First decided if the modem is internal or external. With the IT7, you shouldnt need anything else, just make sure the lan card is enabled in the bios.

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  4. use the onboard NIC using the usb port degrades performance of cable connection significantly

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