Can't connect to Steam after installing router

After adding a Cisco e4200 router to my network I'm unable to connect to Steam. I've setup Win 7 to use static IP instead of DHCP and also enabled port forwarding for proper Steam client ports/ranges in the router. Doing an online test, it appears the ports are just not open.

With any router I've ever owned, it seems getting port forwarding to work properly is a major ordeal. What am I missing? I have latest firmware. Cable modem does not have built in firewall or router. Hoping someone out there has same router and also uses Steam. :cry:
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  1. Turn on uPnP (universal plug and play) in your router and there will be little need for port forwarding as uPnP will handle that for you assuming your program handles uPnP also, which steam seems to do. I've never had to port forward for any of my steam games.
  2. See that's what I originally thought, and UPNP is enabled and has been working fine with other programs. Steam support is just so terrible. Going to have to try the forums there I guess :heink:
  3. Yes, the steam forums may be of more help. The router's built in firewall may also need tweaked, but usually uPnP is all you need.
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