Bell cell pipe modem/router not capable of gbit lan?

Hi all, I've been struggling to get Gbit speed on my LAN and can't figure out the problem. I have FIBE TV modem/router supplied by Bell (Alcatel Lucent 7130 5VzA2001 - "cell pipe"). They tell me it is Gbit but I get zero support from anyone at Bell since they only support internet/tv issues :fou: .
The max LAN speed i can get is 100 MBps which sucks for large file transfers. I have a new PC, with onboard realtek PCIe GBE controller with all latest drivers etc. and configured to 1.0 Gbps full duplex. Still, only 100 Mbps.
I've also disconnected every peripheral device to test any bottlenecks downstream and no change. i.e. Cat6 from cellpipe to PC ethernet port only. (tried other cables so that's not problem).
Can anyone help?
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  1. Connect two gigabit devices DIRECTLY to verify those devices are configured properly BEFORE attempting it w/ the router.

    Btw, one time you used 100MBps in your description. I assume that was a typo and you meant 100Mbps (otherwise 100MBps would be near Gigabit speed).
  2. I have only my PC, the modem/router, and an additional router (trendnet TEW 652BRP) that i am using only to expand my available ports (dhcp & wireless disabled). Can you advise how i would configure this test?
  3. I also have a dns 323 nas that is also hooked in, but this merely complicates it for now I would think...
  4. If you only have the one PC, and you're not using the NAS (which you seem to suggest in your latest reply), then w/ what other device are you transferring these files?
  5. Sorry to confuse, no i definitely use the NAS and that is where this irksome problem started. My transfer speeds to/fro NAS max out based on the 100Mbp (~11MBps) which sucks as I use this to house all my audio/video content for the house. I've been eliminating the NAS from my investigation to determine if it is the problem and so far, when i remove all devices, i still can't get to 1000 Mbps LAN.
  6. Ok, then how are you measuring it? From what to what? What measuring tools (NetCPS, Iperf, if any)?
  7. lights on my PC's realtek ethernet connect orange/flashing yellow which according to specs confirms 100 Mbps (sorry about earlier typo), Windows Local Area Connection Status also confirms speed at 100 Mbps and file transfer speeds when using my dns 323 NAS max out at ~11MBps (when transferring files) and in the NAS setup for LAN the settings show 100Mbps and the 1000Mbps is "greyed out".
  8. Also, I've discovered that my other router, the TEW 652 is not a Gbit router. However, I disconnected this for testing purposes and I still couldn't achieve a Gbit with just the cellpipe and my pc connected (knowing this is useless without extending to another device where i would tf files/data).
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