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Looking for most common practice or best way to
"Take over a school computer network when you have no prior knowledge and the last person who was in charge quit w/o leaving any info" oh yes and add to this that there are 32 days before sch starts
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  1. That's what happens when you create a dependency on ONE person to manage your system. It's insane.

    There are no good answers short of a) hiring the guy back, or b) hiring a professional. Not w/ so little time. You can't learn something that complex in a few days. Heck, it's taken me DECADES! I learn something new every day that I didn’t know the day before. It’s amazing, there’s no end to what you don’t know in this field.
  2. You won't get this info from a board post. Need to check over the environment, figure out what is there, and hopefully there is documentation left about user accounts and passwords you need.

    I'm with the above post, hire someone with experience.
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