Do i need high speed USB cable

Hi all. I want to know whether i need to get a High speed USB cable for my broadband. What is the difference between High speed cable and the normal one? Is it neccessary to get one? Is not it the internet connection via broadband depending on the ISP? Is there any significant differences if i change my usb cable to High speed?
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  1. there only difference is between what usb you are using. i doubt you have anything old enought to run usb 1.0 usb 3.0 would be the fastest if your computer has a usb3.0 port(it would ne a blue usb port) chances are you have a usb2.0 port on your computer and theres no real way to speed up usb 2.0. they advertise that gold plated cable transfer data fast but ive never seen any improvement.your best bet is to go to cat5e if your modem has an rj45 port(it looks like a rj11 phone jack but slightly bigger).
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