Ugh, All downloads stop and need to be restarted

Hello all!

Thanks for looking at this. I am admittedly early in this process so any help is good.
ANYTHING I download stops at random intervals and needs to be manually restarted. The download will continue for anywhere from 5-15 seconds before stopping again. I have to "babysit" downloads in Win 7 by clicking the reload button whenever it stops.

Things I have tried:
Bypassing router,
Changing modem to D3 (I have 20-30 Mb service),
I am hardwired,
Used wife's computer (wireless, downloads fine),
Downloaded Chrome (I use Firefox),

As of now, I think this is the whole list...there may be more.

I don't know what other information is pertinent, I could give motherboard info if necessary. I am using on-board networking card.

Please respond with any questions or advice you may have even if it seems like it might not help....I am not even sure what questions to ask myself, so anything helps

Thank you very much!
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  1. What type of virus protection do you have? Try disabling it to see if that is your problem.
  2. Thank you so much for your response!

    I have no 3rd party virus protection. I am using the basic windows 7 firewall protection (which I have tried both on, and off). It comes with a trial of Mcafee but the virus protections is considered "not detected".
  3. OK, if you have been running without active virus protection then you may be infected with viruses which watch all your web traffic. They can cause weird problems like interrupted downloads.
  4. I installed mcafee security, ran the virus scan and it came up threats. Is there another virus protector I should use?

    Again, thank you for your patience!
  5. I just bought and installed Kaspersky pure 2.0, ran a deep scan and got no threats detected.

    It seems to be pointing to my OS or my Drivers. Any suggestions as to how to proceed?
  6. I would start with drivers. Find out what adapter you have and obtain the latest driver from the manufacturer's website (by this, I mean go to the chip manufacturer, not the system OEM - i.e. get Intel network adapters from Intel's website, not from HP if your system was assembled by HP). Go into the Device Manager and find your wired lan adapter. Right click the entry and select Uninstall, and check the box to delete the existing driver as well. Reboot once the driver is removed.

    Now go find the driver you downloaded earlier and install it. Reboot again for good measure. Check to see whether your downloads behave the same way and post back.
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