Help deleting wireless network??????

I really hope someone can help with this. I was having problems with an old Gateway MX6015 laptop and since there is nothing on it I reinstalled the original system software (XP) to start fresh.
As a newbie when the network setup came up I accidentally used my routers name as a network name. Now it will not connect to my wireless connection because it is trying to connect to a network that does not exist. ie. Cannot connect to McKnet network. Unfortunately I need to connect to my router named McKnet and don't want to change the SSID.
My husband does not want me to change the SSID on our router because he is too afraid I will mess up all our other stuff that he runs.
Can I just somehow go in and change the network name???? I have tried everything and nothing has worked. Thanks very much.
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  1. Go to "Wireless Network Connection" (Control Panel>Network Connections>Right click on Wireless Network Connection and choose "View available wireless networks")

    On the left go to "Change advanced settings." Click on the tab Wireless Networks. Then there should be a "Preferred Networks" list. You can add, remove, and edit the entries in this list.
  2. Ok, did that. Now when I go back and try to connect to my wireless it will not accept my password (which I know is correct for sure because my phones and all laptops use it).
    At least I am getting to this point now! Any suggestions would be greatly apprectiated.
    I have a WPA2 set up.
    Thanks sooooo much!!!!
  3. Yay, all fixed!!! Figured it out. Configured the connection through my Broadcom Utility!!!!! Working at 100% now!!! Yay!!
    Secure connection at 100%, can't ask for more :))) :pt1cable:
  4. Cool glad it's worked out!
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