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I tried to change the computer Manufacturer name which appears in System Properties in Windows98. I found that string in the Registry in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->Hardware-> Discription ->System ->CentralProcessor -> 0"
I modified the string to my desired string and the manufacturer name in the system properties was changed.
BUT when I restarted the system every thing was restored to its initial value.
My question is that can Computer Manufacturer name be changed (which appear in system Properties? If yes then HOW?
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  1. I've just tried changing it and rebooting and it doesn't work. My Win98se still just says "GenuineIntel", "Pentium(r) Processor".

    I think everytime you reboot it detects your system again and just puts it in the registry. Why do you want to change those strings? They just tell you what prcessor is in your system.

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  2. It's in a file called oeminfo.inf in c:\windows\system. If you open this file with a text editor, such as wordpad, you can change the information within to anything you want. If you want it to be a generic computer with no company information, you can simply delete, move, or rename the file.

    If there is also a logo, it will be named oemlogo.bmp You can modify or delete as desired, I think the max dimmensions are 180x120 pixels or something.

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  3. I don't have that .inf file in my 98se :(

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  4. Well then you don't have the mafucturer information do you? If you still have a logo, look for oemlogo.bmp If niether exist and you want something custom, make them, just copy it off another computer and edit it to fit your needs.

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  5. It's oeminfo.ini and the format is

    [Support Information]

    and I think oemlogo.bmp is 100 x 100 pixels (256 colors).

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