Too many internet sessions active?

I am using the DLink DIR-825 router updated with latest firmware. Clicking on internet sessions tab always displays several hundred active sessions. I see where these sessions would eventually time-out, but is all this really necessary?
I searched around and have seen where others have had trouble with this. I have yet to read an actual resolve. One suggestion was to limit internet sessions by assigning a max. number in a setup menu, but have yet to find anything like that in my router menu

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    Is it internet sessions or network sessions? Most routers report all network sessions. These include internet sessions, and yes, a single web page can create multiple sessions, so this is pretty normal.
  2. I spent some more time with it today and did some IP lookup on the reported addresses. You`re right, found several for google and others just the same, multiple IP`s for one site. geez...
    Thanks alot for the quick reply and i`ll just stop looking in the sessions tab.
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