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My xp laptop does not connect to the internet using USB broadband after deletion of the dns changer virus (although still shows a connection) , however still connects using LAN or wireless. The usb modem works on other xp computers.
Tried ipconfig/dnsflush, cfs /runnow/ uninstall and reinstall modem and usb ports. Any other ideas?
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  1. go Start then Run in XP - (Windows key plus R in Vista and Windows 7), then type in the following, including all the spaces:- cmd /k ipconfig /all -- then press Enter and from the black form that shows up find the DNS Server address and list it here.

    also check your Proxy Server settings under the Control Panel => Internet Options => Connections => LAN Settings button
  2. Hi Emerald
    Thanks for the reply. The dns address that is listed from the run command is
    By "list it here" I assume you meant after the DOS prompt that comes up on pressing enter. All I get is not recognised.
    The proxy setting have been checked and are greyed out.
    The internet works immediately from LAN or wireless. My feeling is that the error is in the USB connection, but all other devices work in USB. Even the usb broadband shows a connection but will not access the internet.
  3. under you network to card properties in the TCP/IP option make sure the DNS Server is set to obtain automatically
  4. Yes DNS set to auto. I have a desktop pc running xp and have double checked all the relevant settings. The desktop works with USB broadband, the laptop does not.

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