Corsair CMX512-3000C2 Memory

I'm looking at buying two sticks of Corsair CMX512-3000C2 Memory to put in my system.

Apparantly this RAM is guranteed to run at 166FSB with 2-2-2-1T memory timings.

- Is this correct?

Data sheet <A HREF="" target="_new">HERE</A>

- Secondly if I put both sticks of RAM in my system will I still be able to use these memory timings at or below a 166 FSB?

- If i have a similar BIOS to the one used in the Tweakers Australia memory roundup, which of the memory settings in the image link below actually corrospond to the 2-2-2-1T memory timings that Corsair is telling me the RAM supports.

I was under the impression that there were usually FIVE numbers when displaying memory timings ie. 2-2-2-2-1T (i don't know what each of the numbers mean though).

- Is Corsair leaving one of the digits out?

I was wanting to run the RAM at entireley 2 settings. This will give me maximum performancewill it not?

MUCH thanks.


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  1. If you look at the bottom of the document, it says 2-3-3-T1.

    If you look at:

    You'll see it says 2-3-3-5-T1.

    If you look at the other page that disagrees with their specs...

    You'll see that it says 2-3-3-6-T1.

    I was only able to get their XMS memory working at 2-3-3-6-T1. Tell me if you have a different experience or find any more information.
  2. QUOTE: If you look at the bottom of the document, it says 2-3-3-T1

    That is when you when you are running it at 185FSB I believe. If you look at the link <A HREF="" target="_new">HERE</A> at the top in the little blurb it states that when running at 166FSB or below you are guranteed to be able to use the following timings: 2-2-2-1T

    I'm going to run below 166FSB, but with two 512MB sticks of RAM as opposed to one.

    I really want to ensure that i can run at LEAST both sticks at CAS2. What kind of effect do the other settings have?

    Looking at these timings: 2-2-2-2-T1

    The first settings is the CAS2 rating i believe.
    The LAST settings is the Command Rate.

    What are the others?

    I have been told that the most important settings that will improve performance are the CAS rating and the Command Rate. What kind of effect do the middle three settings have on performance?

    Thanks again.

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