3 ISP - 3 Network adapters - 1 connection?


First of all, excuse me for my English. I'm from Argentina.

Here is the thing...

I have 3 different Internet Connections, from 3 different ISP.

1 - 6 Mbps Cable Connection from Fibertel
1 - 6 Mbps ADSL Connection from Arnet
1 - 3 Mbps ADSL Connection from Telecentro

(Fibertel, Arnet and Telecentro are the ISP)

I have 2 wireless adapters and an obvius RJ-45 connection.

My idea would be to combine these connections into 1, by using the three different devices available into the three different Internet connections i have.

Considering there would be different gateways for each adapter, would it be possible?

Sorry if I seem too ignorant.

Thank you guys!


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  1. You need to purchase or make (using a PC and free Linux or BSD router software) a load balancing router. A single file will only download through one ISP, but it will not slow down other downloads using the others ISPs.
  2. How does it work with torrents?
  3. Torrents break up large files into many small pieces, so I would think they could use all the bandwidth from all the ISPs.
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