How to share modem internet on two compuerts witout a router

how do i share modem internet with two computers without using a router or switch
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  1. You can't, but you can connect your computer to another computer and turn on ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). You are better off with a router though.
  2. well take your wireless modem then connect it to the WIRELESS LAN CARD through a twisted pair
  3. thanks guys but it still doesn't work...i will try to work with the wireless(WIFI) modem and check whether the PC will pick wireless from the laptop
  4. well if you have 2 laptops then everything is fine ............... well you have a laptop and you want to share some folders with the other laptop so what you do is right click on that folder click sharing and security then from the other laptop go to run write double slash \\ then without space the ip of the first laptop a page will appear with the folder shared
    you can also do this with one laptop and 1 pc but you will have to buy a wireless lan card and attach it on the pc :)
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